Field Experience Week of 11/17

Last week at Yes Philly was very interesting. I had a student and she was very timid. I could tell that she had alot to say but her surrounds were all to familiar as to why she was timid. After class Velvet and I pulled her to the side and had converstaion with her about why she was the way she was. She summed it up to being that her school before YesPhilly was loud and people did not know how to carry themselves. She wanted to be away from that enviornment and thas why she was at Yes Philly. She also made it clear that her video project was something she mind sharing as long as her family didn’t see it. I felt so bad hearing that come from a student because it was like if they saw her true genuine efforts they would still be judgmental of her. She never told us exactly what her problems at home were, but they obviously took a toll on her. We also took our students outside to create a video that talked about who they were in the simplest words. Students learned about using flip cams and how they can be beneficial in a media arts classroom. This week students also worked on their Who am I projects. I never seen people so interested in creating work. I felt like they were understanding the importance of digital media and it’s benefits. One student was so caught up in her project that she kept asking questions to better her project. You feel such gratification watching students wanting to learn. Final Cut was new but it was a great experience for the students. This week was definitely much easier than last weeks drama. Between fights and yelling and disrupting students personal space this week was great.


FE Post 8 11/5/11

In the Peppler and Kafai article about youth and technology, Peppler and Kafai make a connection between the “value of creative media production in education and how they have taken place in two distinctive communities.” (2) Peppler and Kafai both agree that in certain setting children or students who are able to navigate their way around a computer and create content are know as “geeks” or “nerds”, however in this ever changing society that isn’t true. Using digital media in schools is becoming a necessity because its just the new way. At Yes Philly, students are high school push-outs and some have no idea of what to do with computer. They understand simple concepts like turning it on and logging onto Facebook, but they didn’t know icons and what they were supposed to do. After a few days had gone by, they learned how use Final Cut Pro and create there own content. They are able to create content and share with an audience. I wouldn’t consider them “geeks” once they have learned how to d these things. I believe that in today’s education system learning how to use social media and creative media is a must because times are changing. You have to adapt with the newest technologies. In 1970’s books were popular and now the newest technology is e-Books. Classifying one as a geek is no longer appropriate because everyone should know these new literacies.

ML Post 6

This week at YesPhilly was a very interesting one. I was
exposed to a new classroom of students. Last week I posted that there are only
African-American students and this week I met my first student that wasn’t. I
didn’t feel comfortable because the students were so guarded. It was like they
may have felt I was judging them, but I wasn’t. I actually hadn’t said
anything, butt hey knew I wasn’t a YesPhilly student. I did explain that I was
a student as well, and they could even teach me.  I couldn’t explain this in class, because I
almost felt like people would think I’m crazy.

This week I am putting together a project to teach students
how to learn the difference between different camera angles. I am doing this because
they will be doing projects entitled Who Am I?
They will be using pictures and cameras to do this project. So this made
me think about Renee Hobbs’ article. She mentions this idea of should media
literacy focus on popular culture texts? (Hobbs, 6)  I think that we should focus on ideas brought
about by pop culture, because it engages students. Students uses the Photo Booth
app, to take new photos. I showed students which angles they were taking their
photos at.   Photo Booth is a fairly new
app that not many know how to use. The fact that the students at YesPhilly are
using it, could mean they are on their way to becoming media literate.

In my recurring class, I got a chance to help some of the
students write their bios. It was fun to open up their minds and see them
understand their worth. I felt like after that experience I have a lot more to
be thankful for. These students went through a lot to get where they are now.
They all seem to have different motivations. One student explained to me that
she went to JobCorp before joining YesPhilly. She told me that it was old
school and there was no motivation. They used computers, but it was nothing
like YesPhilly. At YesPhilly, they are using technology and Facebook to understand
media literacy. I think that YesPhilly understands that you need to bring some
ideas that surround pop culture to engage students.  So I believe that pop culture is needed.

A Trip to Paley Library

A trip to Paley Library

1. Book

De Abreu, B.S. (2011) Media Literacy , social networking and web 2.0. New York: Lang

The main idea in this book is the links between media literacy, social networking abd how the can be integrated in the classroom.

2. Video

O’Neal, C (Producer) , (2009) How to use YouTube in the classroom. Available from

Keywords YouTube in the Classroom

In this video Chris O’Neal explains how to utilize YouTube in the classrooms. He explains different ways to help intergrate YouTube as a learning tool in the classroom.

3. Journal Article

Markham, R. (2006) YouTube in the Classroom. Ezine Articles Expert Authors

reed Markham is explaining the positives and negatives of YouTube in the classroom. He actually breaks down the fundamentals of YouTube and why it can be successful in the classroom.


Barseghian, T (9.8.2011). Five Reasons Why YouTube Rocks the Classroom

In the article onthe website Barseghian explains the reasons why YouTube can be beneficial to a classroom. She even explains how teachers can benefit from using this technology.

New Media Literacies Post 5

After watching the video “Digital Media – New Learners of the 21st Century”, I realized that I was drawn in by the explanations of the school. One student named Nikolas explained the name of the school. The school is called “Quest to Learn: School for Digital Kids”. Nikolas reiterates that they don’t just sit around and look at a computer screen; they actually use computers and gaming as new ways to solve problems.  (

One of the other students said that the school allows you to learn on a trial and error basis, which is a lot of fun.  Allowing students to learn on a trial and error basis allows them to acquire the skills they need to solve problems. It allows them to gain key ideas that they need to problem solve. It’s very realistic to allow them to learn in this manner, because like stated in the video, its pointless to teach students facts that they will never use.  ( )

Keeping children engaged is another main idea in the video. Mimi Oto a teacher mentions in the video that most learning comes from outside of the classroom. ( )   So the question is how do you keep students engaged?  Nikolas has described himself as a dreamer and it was hard for him to stay engaged. However, with the use of technology Nikolas is easily engaged, because he is learning about new and exciting things that are beneficial to him.  I also think what keeps them engaged is that instead of students going to science class they are going to a class that was renamed. Renaming the classes is a smart way to “trick” the students into wanting to learn about subjects they have to learn about.

One of my issues with this was I actually like the idea of having a digital school, but how do we get these schools all over the country? I like the idea of having students teaching classes, but is it going to be accepted all over the world?

Field Experience Week 1 @ YesPhilly

Today, October 4th, 2011 was my first day at YesPhilly. Before we did introductions students were looking at me with the side-eye. Once I introduced myself and they realized I am just here to help and learn myself  I felt the elephant leave the room.  My inital fear was that students would look at me like who is this lady? 

I can honestly say I was shocked and suprised by alot of things when I walked through the classroom doors. I find it interesting that there is a majority of minority students in this program. It feels good to know that the typical stereotypes that are displayed within minority communities are being ceased thanks to this program. I was pleasentaly surprised at the amount of computers that they have in their media classroom. All the students are learning how to use iMac’s and they are in the beginning stages of understanding media. It is also helpful that there is no more than 10 students in a classroom, therefore attention is easily spread. 

When the students walked into the classroom I noticed that everyone immediatley logged into their Facebook accounts before the bell rang. While Velvet did use Facebook as a learning tool, most were just interested in what was going on in Facebook land. It was also interesting to see that students became quickly frustrated with G-Mail and other applications, but Facebook, was easily grasped. Students were taught that in order to get a job, you must have an appropriate e-mail address. Students got rid of inappropriate e-mail addresses and create sophisticated e-mail addresses that defined them as young scholars or business people. Students also created a storyline that defined themselves using PhotoBooth. They leaned how to save their work in different folders and how to log-out of computers. Of course I thought this was siple tasks, but to students who had to prior experience with this, it may be a challenge. 

I am excited about next week and I can’t wait to continue to help students.  

My experience this week was very eye opening and I’m pretty sure there is more to come.