Jerome Bruner

Quote: “Learning from the culture, like learning from physical activities, involves the act of extracting information to decide among alternatives”

Interpretation: In today’s world you have to be open to using other alternative means to educate yourself because there is so much to learn.

Quote: “An auxiliary postulate of naive psychology is the belief that the difference between child and adult is the possession of knowledge. Therefore the chief mission is to impart knowledge.”

Interpretation: It doesn’t matter your age, you can still learn about new ideas and use them in your life. It helps that children are getting these ideas at such a young age. It will allow growth.

Quote: “The most obvious way to acquire such knowledge is through active attempt to achieve various goals in a
variety of domains, that is, by learning through one’s own direct contingent experience.”

Interpretation: In today’s society you may have to do some independent work to figure out how to solve some issues. Although group work is a great way to solve issues sometimes it’s your own individual research that can help figure out an issue.

Quote: “There are, then, three modes of experiencing which map onto the three forms of representation discussed earlier by Bruner (1966) as enactive, iconic, and symbolic.”

Interpretation: Taking action in experiences and observations help represent different approaches to learning and expanding your knowledge.

Quote: “We have, as already noted, three principal means of interacting with and constructing the world: by acting upon it, by observing it, and by learning by
being told or reading about it.

Interpretation: In life and our attempts to construct the world, we have to take action and observe everything. It’s safe to say that nothing should go
overlooked while attempting to learn.

Our thoughts: We’ve discovered that all of our quotes relate to learning and discovering the world through observations and experience.


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